Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Meeting of the Minds

It was a momentous occasion over the weekend as Kang and Kodos met for the first time. The costumes were started in different locations and, due to their unwieldy sizes (to put it mildly) the idea of transportation seemed a daunting task. I managed to get Kodos into my car through some questionable contortion antics (not without having to reflect upon the wisdom of transporting him in such a manner) and brought it to my girlfriend's house, where Kang has been dwelling in his infancy these last few weeks. Here is a picture of the extraterrestrial siblings united:

As the photo suggests, Kang is just a little lopsided, which we're trying to offset with the positioning of the features. I'm already happier with the shape having made a start on his mouth, so hopefully adding the rest of the features will improve him further.

The clock is ticking away, but we're getting there. I'm playing a game of catch-up with the progress reports, so we're further ahead than the photo suggests. More updates to come soon.

One other item - you're never truly in the thick of a Halloween project until the pen and paper come out and a list is made. That's how I know we're really in business.

If you're wondering what the 'utility belt' refers to, we couldn't decide on a name for the blue thing around the waist(?) of the aliens. As a big Batman fan I'm only too happy with the label we came up with.

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