Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

One day, one day I'll actually have my costume done before October 31st so that I'm not running around like a headless chicken on the day. But then again, maybe that 11th hour panic is all part of the festive fun. I woke up yesterday morning to a costume which looked much as it did in my previous entry's photograph. In reality a lot more work had been done (particularly the creation of arms and hands, which had been a lingering worry as we hadn't figured them out until the bank holiday weekend), but the lion's share of decoration still needed to be completed. 

But ultimately we got there, after a day of painting and blow-drying in what often felt like an interminable cycle. The structural issues were put firmly to the test when we finally made our way into town; the walk from the car park to the club took the bones of 30 minutes, where it would take 5 minutes for somebody not laden in several kilos of costume (and whose legs were not obscured by cardboard surrogates). 

The night went very well; as always, good fun was to be had in the club which always attracts the best costumes in the city. People seemed very appreciative of the effort put in as well, which is always gratifying. It was hard to get around (cardboard legs and a club full of stairs is a bad combination) so it was hard to get into the thick of festivities at times, but in the latter part of the night we were able to put our costumes backstage in order to get more involved with the night's action. That was, I'm hugely satisfied to say, after we'd been on stage having been announced as winners of this year's competition. A nice cash prize and this guy to bring home:

I plan on doing a write up on how the bride and groom were constructed, but allow me to skip a few several steps to show you the final costumes:

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