Sunday, October 21, 2012

Change is as good as a rest

...or something along those lines, I believe. In an unprecedented move, I have changed my costume idea only a couple of short weeks before the big day (short weeks at the time I conceptualised the change; I'm avoiding eye contact with the calendar as I write this sentence). When I say that I have changed the costume idea, I don't mean wholesale changes; I mean more superficial ones. At the core, the costume is the same: I am still making what promises to be an unwieldy representation of a LEGO minifigure. Moreover, I am still making what promises to be an unwieldy but hopefully amusing LEGO zombie. Only the plastic shuffler will be different zombie from what I had planned.

When The LEGO Group released the Minifigures line in 2010 we were treated to the inaugural LEGO zombie minfigure. As I referenced a couple of posts back, this guy fast became a fan favourite and pretty hot property in the after-market. In 2012, however, TLG added to the portfolio of macabre minfigures with the release of the Monster Fighters line. Perhaps taking notes from the popularity of the original zombie, the theme contained a number of undead variants. This, in itself, didn't have too much of a bearing on my choice of zombie for Halloween purposes. However, when my girlfriend began her own search for a costume, a lightbulb was switched on somewhere above my head. 

Lego 9465 The Zombies
Introducing The Zombies: Mr. and Mrs.

This delightful couple appeared in set  9465: The Zombies. With Ciara in search of a costume, they came to mind as having the potential to be our first ever group-costume (indeed we have had some spectacular mismatches over the years; none more pronounced than my T-1000 in tow with her Guido from Pixar's Cars). 

Thankfully the transition from one zombie to another was smooth. I had not yet progressed beyond what I detailed in my previous post, and the core of the costume would be the same. I have now gone further with the costume, but I am still on the core elements rather than the decorative. Accordingly, I still have some design issues to negotiate. Specifically, I am now revisiting the idea of completely changing from the original zombie to the undead bridegroom. Instead, I am leaning towards an amalgamation which might look something like this:

lego zombie minifigure

Now, the purist in me feels like it should be one or the other. But logic dictates that this amalgamation would make the most sense for a number of reasons. Fundamentally, the original zombie's mouth is open wider. Given that I will be seeing through the mouth, this is very important. Besides, the amount of people on the night who would know the difference is minimal. 

The only real debatable point is the top hat; on the one hand, it highlights that the zombie is part of an undead wedding party. Seeing this version without the Bride by his side might not necessarily tell you this. On the other hand, including the top hat would hide the stud on this head: the quintessential feature of the LEGO minfigure. Given that I'm already deviating from tradition with grey rather than yellow skin, a part of me is worried that it might not be immediately identifiable as a LEGO minfigure full stop without it. This is one that I'm still negotiating, but mercifcully progress has been good and I have to decide pretty imminently.

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