Friday, September 24, 2010

Face Off

...or, rather, very much on.

I've had my priorities a little muddled up this week. I felt I should continue on with the Ion Blaster; that despite being close to finishing the face, I shouldn't paint it until closer to Halloween because I'd have to keep it in immaculate condition for over a month otherwise. But I was too damn impatient.

I'm going to keep the talking to a minimum on this one, and let the pictures do the talking:

Horn construction:

The lovely hands of my helper girlfriend:

In true Pixar style I then added a little Easter Egg - 'Zurg Vision' that appears on the back of the Zurg toy's head. This won't even be seen when I make the cape:

Finally: I made the eyes from a transparent plastic folder - they obviously had to be red, but also needed the quite important criterion of being see-through. I cut a section out of it and glued it on the inside covering both eyes. I then glued on the horns:

Oh yes.

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